Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Hampshire School Officials Launch Probe Into Abortion Center Field Trip

Posted at is an update to a story that I mentioned in an earlier blog post regarding a field trip to Planned Parenthood by a group of 41 7th and 8th grade students.

Members of the Manchester city school board have voted to launch a probe into why students at a middle school there were taken to a Planned Parenthood abortion business on a field trip. Last week, parents in the New Hampshire town learned that the school partnered with the YMCA for the trip under the guise of a program for at risk students.

We'll have to see if there are any consequences for this or if the school even decides to change any of it's policies.

A little bit concerning is this:

Doug Kruse, a member of the school board told the newspaper that he supported the vote for the investigation because the trip violated the trust of local parents. He also advocated canceling the at-risk program because of the abortion center visit.

Kruse was also upset that Parkside Middle School principal Dawn Michaud told the newspaper she was aware of the Planned Parenthood visit but told senior school officials she had no previous knowledge of it.

"Somebody doesn't have their story straight," Kruse said.

Seems like "status quo" for contraversial issues in the public school system.

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