Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Seattle Teacher Enters Plea To Child Porn Charge

Posted at KIRO-TV Seattle.

A Seattle schoolteacher accused of possessing child pornography pleaded not guilty before a judge on Tuesday.

An interesting statement from the defense attorney, Jeff Cohen:

"He's somebody who's worked in the school district for 24 years now. He's worked at the same school for 18 years. There's not been a single allegation against him at any point in time of any kind of wrongdoing," said Jeff Cohen.

This is a good point. I wonder if any children or former students will come forward with additional evidence. Right now, the entire case is based on the testimony of one former girlfriend and evidence found on his computer. The evidence on the computer could have been put there by anyone, including the former girlfriend.

Based on statements made in earlier news stories by the accuser, she claims that he "talked ... about killing young boys" and fantasized "about having sex with underage boys," and that he was a "pedophile" and a "rapist."

This doesn't sound like the kind of thing that you would say to a girlfriend and potential life partner whom you were trying to woo. That leads to one of two conclusions. (1) she is lying, or (2) Sheehan is some kind of sociopath who doesn't realize that you don't say these kind of things to people. If number (2) is the case, then you would think that he would have made similar statements to other girlfriends he may have had over the years. This may be a very difficult case to prosecute, and if the ex-girlfriend is found to be fabricating these allegations, she should have charges brought against her that carry the same penalty. We'll have to wait and see how this case develops.

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