Monday, June 11, 2007

Public School Students in New Hampshire Taken to Abortion Center

Posted at Life News.

Manchester, NH ( -- Parents in New Hampshire are outraged after learning that the YMCA, in partnership with a local school district, took a group of junior high school students to a Planned Parenthood abortion business. The Manchester school district has come under fire for the trip and promises students will never go there again.
The Manchester school district has partnered with the YMCA to put together a program for at-risk students who are in danger of dropping out of school.

YMCA took the students to various places around town to show them summer programs and places to get involved in positive activities. However, a local Planned Parenthood was also on the list of places.

As a result, the YMCA took 41 seventh and eighth grade students last Wednesday to the abortion facility.

This is outrageous! Who signed the permission slips for this field trip? Although the city Mayor and chairman of the school board agreed that the visit was not appropriate, he went on to say for "that age group"! So, what age group does this honorable Mayor and board chairman think that it is appropriate?

Anne Johnson, the Planned Parenthood staff member who spoke for three minutes to the children at the abortion center, said abortion was never discussed. However, the students encountered pro-life protesters on the way into the center and knew that's what the facility did.

But Joyce Palmer, the YMCA's community outreach director, defended the trip in comments to the newspaper.

"The intent of the day was to provide information to kids who are getting ready for the summer and won't have the support of school or at home," said Palmer. "The intent was not to take kids to an abortion clinic. That word was never said."

As if that makes things better. I wonder what words actually were said. I highly doubt the word "adoption" came up much based on this story which says that according to a new annual report submitted by Planned Parenthood, in the 2005-2006 fiscal year, Planned Parenthood reported no referrals to adoption agencies! If we're not going to be talking about abortions or adoptions at Planned Parenthood, that only leaves the weather and birth control.

Dawn Michaud, principal of Parkside Middle School new(sic) about the trip beforehand and also defended the trip calling it more of a "job fair."

Good idea. Call it a "job fair."

You know, YMCA used to mean "Young Men's Christian Association". I wonder what they're calling it now.

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