Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Simple Insight from WA Middle School Bus Driver

Posted at Faith and Freedom Network Blogs, this is in reference to an assembly that was held at Washington Middle School in Olympia, WA. I discussed the assembly in an earlier blog post. This post at Faith & Freedom is in response to a comment posted on their blog by a bus driver at the school. Here's what he had to say:

"I drive a school bus out of Washington Middle School in Olympia Washington. I did not attend the assembly you've been reporting about, but I've heard many comments from first hand viewers. I know that many of the students realized it was not an appropriate thing. I also had students who embraced the assembly, including three boys who came 'out of the closet' after that assembly. I fear that the homosexual agenda is much closer to coming true than I had previously thought."

Follow the link to read Gary Randall's comments.

The agenda is to change public perception by indoctrinating our children. If your children are in the public school system, they are the targets of this well funded and aggressive agenda.

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