Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Memoirs of Special Educator: It is Not My Job to Educate My Child!

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Recently, I published an article addressing the need for a higher level of responsibility and accountability for parents in our efforts to educate our children.

The federal mandate does not say "No Student Left Behind". It is purposeful in its choice of words when it states, "No Child Left Behind". The use of the word "child" as opposed to "student" expands the focus, accountability, and responsibility to include every one that interacts with the "child", including our parents.

I was completely surprised by the response that I received from our parents. While most of them felt as though teachers, schools, and parents need to be held accountable and responsible for the education of all children, other parents felt that it was not their job to support the education of their students when teachers are "paid" to do so.

The responses that were received from those that feel that it is not their responsibility to support the education of children or feel that once a child begins school, their responsibility and accountability end were shocking to say the least.

Indeed, ultimately the full responsibility of educating children lies on the parents. The school system is simply a tool that a parent can use to achieve that goal. As long as we live in a free country where we are free to choose how and where our children are educated, then we as parents can blame no one other than ourselves when our children do not receive the best education possible.

If a parent chooses to put their child in the care of the government school system then they need to remain involved in that education or they really are relinquishing their right to complain about the education that their child, however they cannot relinquish their responsibility.

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