Friday, May 18, 2007

Three teachers caught in park sex sting near Salem, OR

UPDATE: The news story at has more detailed information as well as pictures of all those arrested. All of the teachers face one charge each of "Public Indecency".

Word from some locals is that this is Polk County's Holman Wayside Park, well-known locally as "Pervert Park".

Posted at KATU - Portland, Oregon:
Three Oregon school teachers have been arrested in a sex sting at a state park west of Salem.

One of the suspects has been identified as Harry Nelson, a teacher at Parrish Middle School in Salem.

Another teacher was identified as Ronald Bridge, who is an elementary school teacher at Sunset Primary School in West Linn.

Also arrested was Professor John Backus from Western Oregon University. Backus is also known as "Nick" Backus on campus.

Five other men were also arrested in the sting, but none were teachers.

Let's see... 3 teachers, 5 others, that makes 8 total. 3/8 = 37.5%... So in a sting operation near Salem, OR, 37.5% of those arrested were school teachers. Frightening. I wonder what the sting was for. The news report doesn't say and neither does the video link on the website. I'll watch for updates and post them here as more information becomes available.

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The follow up story should be about their termination from employment.