Thursday, May 17, 2007

Teacher resigns, pay continues

Excerpted from the Spokesman Review in Spokane, WA.
A Spokane teacher is still being paid seven months after he resigned for viewing large amounts of sexually explicit material on his North Central High School computer.

Maybe they shouldn't have accepted his resignation and then simply fired his sorry butt.

By accepting his resignation the district assured that Wakabayashi was immediately removed from teaching, and the district avoids a lengthy investigation, officials said.

“When that happens the employee continues to receive pay until the matter is resolved by a hearing officer through a very lengthy legal process, usually lasting 18 months,” Wright said.

Why does an investigation need to take so long?

Wakabayashi’s inappropriate computer use was discovered by the school district’s Internet filtering software, the records show.

According to the records, he visited hundreds of pornographic sites on his school computer, usually during school hours

Wakabayashi also used his district e-mail account to correspond with several companies requesting information about their products, which were later shipped to the school.

Case closed. Investigation over. This teacher was putting children at risk of viewing this material during THEIR school time.

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