Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lake Stevens teacher suspended for shooting remark

Posted at KNDO/KNDU.

A Lake Stevens high school teacher is on leave while the district investigates a remark he made to a class.

A parent complained that the teacher, Gary McDonald, told students Monday he would take anyone talking in class and line them up against a wall and shoot them.

District spokeswoman Arlene Hulten says if the complaint is substantiated, McDonald could face a range of discipline from a verbal reprimand to suspension.

She says the 60-year-old McDonald already plans to retire next month.

In February he was reprimanded for including a biblical account of creation in an assignment on myths.

Here's the story regarding the February reprimand.

This sounds like an "off-the-cuff" type remark that I've heard people say before. I doubt I would believe that they actually intended start shooting people. However, in today's extremely sensitive environment when it comes to school violence, and especially school shootings, the remark was totally inappropriate.

A more complete story is posted at the Seattle Times

There's a website that allows students and parents to rate their teachers. Click this link to see what the students who rated Gary McDonald had to say about him.

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