Monday, May 21, 2007

Quebec School Forces Fourth Graders to Write About Oral Sex

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MONTREAL, Quebec, May 18, 2007 ( – As a punishment for teasing a fellow classmate, the principal of a Quebec school required four students to write a ten line essay on oral sex, or “fellatio”. The four students, aged 9, allegedly used references to oral sex when taunting their fellow classmate.

Three of the students completed the essay, and had them signed by their parents. The parents of the fourth student, however, objected to the exercise, and complained to a newspaper. Their son was given the option of writing about appropriate language in school instead.

Wholly inappropriate. Were the parents ever contacted and asked what they thought might be a more appropriate punishment?

The story indicated that the school "had already employed various measures to stem the bullying, including meeting with the students’ parents, said Marceau, and decided that it was time for unusual steps to be taken".

The questions that come to my mind are, "what was the agreement between the school and the parents as to how to handle bullying?" and "were both the parents and the school sticking to their end of the deal?". Strangely enough, 3 out of the 4 parents actually signed the report that the children wrote. How many of these parents actually helped their children write the report? Did they have to take the kids to the library for reference material?

This is so wrong on so many levels. What teacher in their right mind would even want to read reports from 9-year-old children on such a subject matter?

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