Monday, February 2, 2009

Reading teachers balk at condom lesson for middle-schoolers

Posted at the Reading Eagle in Reading, PA.

Safe-sex advocates preach that there are ways to make sex with condoms fun, but some Reading middle school teachers are uneasy about discussing the topic in class.

Teachers union President Daniel Grim is questioning whether a planned teen-pregnancy program in the health curriculum is appropriate for students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades.

Grim told the school board that some teachers feel the material is too graphic and they are uncomfortable teaching it.

"I recommend you take a look at this," Grim said at a board meeting Wednesday. "It's not appropriate for middle school."

Grim noted part of the program that deals with how to make condoms "fun and pleasurable." Suggested lessons include how to work a condom into foreplay and tips on making sex with condoms more physically pleasing.

The program is scheduled to begin in Reading's four middle schools this school year.

This is discusting. Teaching middle school children that sex with condoms can be fun and pleasurable? Is anyone teaching them that it is wrong? Is anyone teaching them exactly what the risks are regardless of whether they use a condom or not? It's the weirdos with a radical agenda that are driving the bus right now. Don't let them drive it in your neighborhood, even if your children are not attending these schools. These are children that we're talking about.

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