Thursday, January 29, 2009

Police: Illinois Teacher Claims to Have Molested 75 Boys

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An Illinois middle school teacher charged with 10 counts of illegal possession of child pornography has allegedly admitted to molesting dozens of boys.

Kenneth Lee Johnson told police he sexually abused 75 boys over the past 35 years, but those claims have not been substantiated, according to

Parents, keep the line of communication wide open with your children whether they go to public school or not. I have a haunting feeling that this guy is probably estimating fairly accurately the number of children that he has harmed, and that most molesters who are caught and charged are responsible for many many more incidents than they are eventually charged with.

Also, if you pay any attention to the news, you'll see a consistent pattern of reducing charges before court, and plea agreements or deals, all resulting in convictions of lesser charges than what the perp was originally alleged to have done.

Based on that information, we can't very well look at a registered sex offender's criminal record and hope to have a good idea of what he or she has done. Nor can we look at someone without a criminal history and assume that they are not monsters. That is why we must beware and choose carefully whom we turn our children over to day after day.

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