Friday, August 10, 2007

Local nonprofit to pay Rincon, Amphi students for attendance

Posted at The Arizona Daily Star.

"Chosen randomly from a pool of students who live in 'poverty-stricken areas,' 175 juniors from Rincon and Amphitheater high schools will be paid up to $25 a week this fall for going to class, officials said Wednesday.

The program, dubbed the 'First Job Project,' will continue for three years, with a goal of preventing students who live below the poverty level from dropping out of high school, said Lou Barsky, whose newly formed nonprofit organization, Youth Education Security Inc., is behind the effort."

I thought payday was supposed to come by getting a better job if you graduate than you would if you didn't. Further reward comes by getting an even better job if you successfully complete college. Can't we focus on teaching children the value of working and waiting for rewards? I realize that there is some sacrifice in staying in school, such as time and effort, but can we really afford to pay everyone to stay in school? Can we afford to only pay some students to stay in school?

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