Monday, August 13, 2007

Full-Time Work Not Attractive to At-Home Moms

Posted at the Pew Research Center.

Today just 16% of at-home mothers say their ideal situation would be to work full-time outside the home, down from the 24% who felt that way in 1997. Nearly half (48%) of all at-home moms now say that not working at all outside the home is the ideal situation for them, up from the 39% who felt that way in 1997. Read more.

I'm not going to go so far as to say that the mother's place is in the home and that the father's place is breadwinner, but I will say that the odds of having a happy and healthy home are exponentially increased when one parent stays home with the children.

This trend is refreshing to see. Unfortunately, the economy of this country is moving in a direction that makes it increasingly difficult to provide a good home on a single income. However, the benefits are well worth the sacrifices that are made. God bless the parent who devotes their entire day to raising their children. God bless the parent who works hard outside the home to ensure that it is always possible.

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