Thursday, July 26, 2007

Virginia pro-family group sounds warning about 'liberal' state educators

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An email message from the Virginia Education Association (VEA) reportedly alerts its members to a new concerted partnership with the state's largest homosexual rights lobby to add "sexual orientation" to Virginia's official non-discrimination and employment policies.

A notice from the state's largest pro-family coalition, the Family Foundation of Virginia, says the subject of the recently sent email alert informs recipients of a new resolution -- NBI 31 -- passed at the VEA's yearly convention this past spring. NBI 31 involves joining with the homosexual lobby organization Equality Virginia on the new policy implementation. The Foundation says the email alert also encourages readers to use the activist website to lobby legislators on the issue.

Family Foundation spokesman Chris Freund says it is not completely surprising, as he considers the VEA -- the Virginia arm of the liberal National Education Association -- as having taken positions for many years that were outside the mainstream of most teachers and other Virginians on issues of homosexuality and abortion.

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