Thursday, July 26, 2007

Baptist Press - NEA pushing homosexual agenda in public schools - News with a Christian Perspective

Posted at the Baptist Press

PHILADELPHIA (BP)--Despite opposition from much -- if not most -- of their base, leaders of the National Education Association are aggressively advancing the homosexual agenda in public schools.

At their annual meeting in Philadelphia in early July, the NEA's Executive Committee adopted three recommendations from the organization's committee on sexual orientation and gender identification, but the move went largely unnoticed by the 9,000 delegates present at the Representative Assembly.

The approved recommendations, which were delivered briefly in an Executive Committee report and did not require a vote of the assembly, call for the NEA to lobby for hate crimes legislation, boost the NEA website to "include all resources" devoted to homosexual causes, and push for sexual orientation training to be a requirement for earning a teaching credential.

They are working hard to change this country by indoctrinating our children.

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