Thursday, June 7, 2007

Timothy Sheehan - Whitman Middle School Info

Here's some info from the Whitman Middle School website:
Sheehan, Tim
room: 201 teaching: TV Productions
grade level(s): 7-8

It seems that Mr. Sheehan teaches "TV Productions" at the 7-8 grade level.
  • TV Production I: This course teaches students TV script writing, acting, directing and video photography. These skills are used in the productions. Students also learn to use their critical thinking skills while viewing TV through the NATAS Creating Critical Viewers curriculum.

  • TV Production II: Prerequisite-TV Production I. This course allows students to apply the skills learned in Video Production I to the production of a weekly TV show which is broadcast to the entire school. Students may take this course as many semesters as they like upon recommendation of the instructor.

I found the last sentence of the description of "TV Production II" very interesting. Mr. Sheehan allows some children to take his second class for "as many semesters as they like". What's that all about?

Does it bother anybody else that this guy was into TV and video production?

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