Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Seattle Public Schools | SPS CRPD Presenters

I noticed this story on Orbusmax today. Here are some of the things that he pointed out:
    "All of the following sessions are offered by Seattle Public Schools' employees and are free for school district staff...":

  • "Teaching About Native American and Alaskan Native Cultures in a Culturally Appropriate Manner..."
  • "Thanksgiving: A Native American Perspective... This session examines the myths surrounding the 'First Thanksgiving'... Participants will deconstruct what we have been taught about this holiday and come to a new understanding of the history behind the myth..."
  • "Exploring White Privilege..."
  • "Combating Institutional Racism... Designed for staff who have experience and dedication to anti-racism work, acknowledge that change is needed, and see themselves as agents of that change..."
  • "White Privilege: A Personal History... I focus on using this understanding to move from guilt and shame to activism as a classroom teacher and community member..."

    "Culturally Relevant Professional Development (CRPD) 2006-2007 Calendar..."

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