Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Seattle girls tennis coach who read 'sensual poems' fired

Posted at, News for Seattle, Washington.

A flute-playing, poetry-reading Seattle high school girls tennis coach who was profiled in a weekly paper has been fired.

The Ballard High School coach, Aaron Silverberg, says he was surprised by the firing and says the only reason given was that something was "inappropriate."

The Ballard athletic director, Doug Bruketta, says there were factors other than the article in the "Seattle Weekly" that led to the dismissal.

Here's the article in the Seattle Weekly (Warning - some offensive language in article). This guy's a genuine creep. He seems overly preoccupied with the budding sexuality of these young girls. He gets a kick out of reading his own sexually charged poetry to them and considers himself an "ally" of theirs.

From the Seattle Weekly article:
"They don't know what to make of me," Silverberg says. "They're not used to someone making them work. I'm life coaching without them knowing.

"Girls are given a lot of slack," he explains. "They can coast on their looks, and I'm trying to hold their feet to the fire. The college world will test them: 'Do I get laid and get a husband, or focus on me and contribute to the world?' Girls get big-time double messages, and they need good information, but young men don't know how to be allies to women—they objectify them. Coaches can be that ally. They won't realize the coaching they're getting for 20 years."

Some of his poetry is in the Seattle Weekly article. Can this guy really be this clueless that he doesn't understand why he got fired? I wouldn't let him coach my child after reading that article. If he thinks that a winning record on the tennis court is going to give him unfettered access to teen-aged girls, he's got another think coming.

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