Thursday, June 21, 2007

Condoms are Fine, but Don’t Teach Kids to Say No to Sex

Posted at the Culture and Media Institute.

Telling kids to put off sex until marriage doesn’t sit well with mainstream journalists.

When a recent study came out that undermines abstinence-only education, the media gave it a full ride, but the same media refused to cover research supporting abstinence education, or criticisms of the anti-abstinence study.

On June 8, The Institute for Research and Evaluation in Salt Lake City released a report that studied federally funded abstinence-only programs and found that the best ones “can reduce teen sexual activity by as much as one half.” IRE’s report also questions the methodology of the much-hyped Mathematica study, released in April 2007, which challenges the efficacy of abstinence education. The Institute’s work is frequently peer-reviewed, and preeminent sex researcher Douglas Kirby included some of its findings on abstinence education in his 2001 Emerging Answers survey of notable research in the field. However, the media has so far kept mum on the Institute’s abstinence education report.

The selective coverage is a pattern.

You cannot rely on the mainstream media to inform you of anything regarding the education of your children. There is a liberal agenda to indoctrinate them with moral relativism and acceptance of deviant behavior.

This article has several links to under reported studies on comprehensive sex education programs as well as abstinence-only programs. I encourage you to follow some of these links and see if any of these programs are being used at your public schools.

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