Monday, April 16, 2007

Terrorists Targeting Students: The Kids Are Not Alright by Marc Sheppard

Excerpted from The New Media Journal.
Just months after 9/11, videotapes were confiscated in Afghanistan showing al-Qaeda terrorists training to takeover a school. Six months later, spokesman Suleiman Abu Gheith boldly declared al-Qaeda’s “right” to kill 2 million American children. In 2004, an Iraqi national with known terrorist connections was caught with a computer disk containing information detailing Department of Education crisis planning for US school districts.

Last year, two Saudi men – one wearing a black trench coat despite the Florida heat -- terrified a busload of Tampa schoolchildren by boarding a school bus and remaining for the entire ride to school, all the while laughing and speaking Arabic.

And just weeks ago, the FBI and Homeland Security Department issued a “routine advisory” bulletin to state and local officials warning that foreign members of “extremist groups” either already possess or are attempting to procure licenses to drive school buses. Additionally, according to the AP:

“[The bulletin] noted ‘recent suspicious activity’ by foreigners who either drive school buses or are licensed to drive them.”

The dispatch went on to say that some of these same unnamed foreigners have been able to buy school buses right here in the homeland.

Yet the news of such a potentially immediate threat to our children was carefully spoon-fed to us on a Friday afternoon -- not a good indication of transparency -- with a curious lack of concern as a chaser.

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