Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Public School Bible Battle

Excerpted from Campus Report, published 4/12/07.
This morning the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral argument involving Gideon Bible distribution in public schools. In Doe v. South Iron R-1 School District, federal district Judge Catherine Perry issued a preliminary injunction barring the school from allowing any outside group to offer Bibles to willing students at any time on school property, including noninstructional time. Liberty Counsel represents the District in Annapolis, Missouri, and has appealed the injunction, arguing the injunction is unconstitutional because it requires the District to discriminate only against a particular religious message - the Bible.

This lawsuit was filed by the ACLU. The right to pass out bibles by a private orginization seems to me like a civil liberty that the ACLU should support. However, when you have an agenda to force, the constitution has to take a back seat.

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