Monday, April 2, 2007

Iowa, Washington, Lawmakers Urge Planned Parenthood Sex-Ed Courses

Posted at Life News.
[snip] Washington, state Sen. Val Stevens said the Planned Parenthood sexual education bill is "probably the worst piece of legislation we’ve passed in the 15 years I’ve been in the legislature."

"The bill will eliminate the opportunity for the schools to teach abstinence education, unless they also present the ‘medically correct’ -- as it is being called -- curriculum that will be developed by the state superintendent of public instruction," he said.

LeAnna Benn, director of Spokane-based Teen-Aid, said the curriculum requires that students be taught about access to abortion as well.

The Washington bill that is discussed in this article is "S.B. 5297". The text of this bill is now available online. It is only a few pages long. This legislation is a based on the "January 2005 Guidelines for Sexual Health Information and Disease Prevention".

There is some excellent information on this bill at Positive Christian Agenda. Just click on the menu item called "Sex Education".

You can also get more information at

What's being pushed with this legislation is an agenda to bring acceptance of abortion as a means of birth control to government schools, as well as educating children in the methods and application of various methods of birth control. Completely absent from this curricula is the moral aspect of premarital sex and the emotional and psycological impact that it has on children and society.

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