Monday, April 2, 2007

Hostage drill at NJ school features mock 'Christian terrorists' (

Posted at One News Now.
One of the things that makes a fire drill, or a tornado drill effective is the perception to the "drillees" that the scenario is realistic, or at least remotely conceivable. This "terror drill" in NJ borders on the absurd.
A local paper reports that a drill at Burlington Township High School in New Jersey involved police portraying mock gunmen, described as "members of a right-wing fundamentalist group called the 'New Crusaders' who don't believe in the separation of church and state." The fake gunmen were said to have been "seeking justice because the daughter of one [member] had been expelled for praying before class."

I suppose the expulsion scenario is becoming a high possibility in the near future, however the outlandish response by this parent belonging to the "right-wing fundamentalist group" is solely intended to influence the students involved in the drill. This is a method of indoctrination that is designed to plant a seed of suspicion of fundamental Christians in the minds of the children. Imagine the outrage that would have ensued had the terrorists been members of some other fundamentalist faction. One with a very recent history for terrorism in America and even terrorism in schools. Anything immediately come to mind?

UPDATE (04/05/07): Video on Fox News.

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