Monday, February 1, 2010

High schools confiscate plastic fetuses

Posted at Roswell, N.M. KRQE News 13:
Roswell School District officials confiscated hundreds of plastic fetuses Friday that about 50 students distributed at four Roswell area high schools.

The students are members of Relentless, a religious group that is campaigning to put religion back into school programs.

Roswell High School student Stephanie Collier says 3,500 two-inch fetuses were distributed at Roswell, Goddard, Dexter and Valley Christian Academy high schools as a message that all life is important.

Roswell Independent School District superintendent Michael Gottlieb says the fetuses were taken away because they hadn't been approved by the instructional office.

And here is a picture of the offending contraband.

So am I to understand that everything that is handed out in schools is "approved by the instructional office"?

Perhaps the school doesn't want to promote a belief in fetuses.

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