Monday, January 25, 2010

Mother sues schools over unauthorized gynecological exam

This article is an excellent reminder that we tell our children not to consent to any kind of examination or questioning that they are not comfortable with. Right away a child should request that their parents be contacted. I tell my children that no matter what is threatened, they will not be in any trouble for insisting that their mother of father be called and brought in prior to any questioning, searching, or examination. No job or school is worth that much.

Posted at the Nashville City Paper:
An Antioch woman is suing the Metro Board of Education and a former nurse at Mt. View Elementary, claiming the nurse performed a gynecological exam on her daughter without her consent.

Seeking unspecified damages, the woman claims the exam inflicted emotional distress on her daughter, resulting in post-traumatic stress disorder.

According to documents filed in Davidson County Circuit Court on Wednesday, the 6-year-old girl had a history of bladder and urinary tract infections. On Oct. 28, the girl complained to her teacher of genital pain, the filing says. Her mother confirmed to the teacher that the girl had a doctor appointment in a couple of days. The following day the girl was taken out of art class and brought before the school nurse, who no longer works at Mt. View Elementary. The nurse asked the girl, the filing says, "if anyone had touched her privates." The girl said, "No."

"[The nurse] then took [the girl] to the bathroom and had her pull down her pants and panties and squat. She then told [the girl] to open her private. [The nurse] then told her, 'it's not red, you can pull your pants up.'"

Prior to filing the suit, the woman's attorney, Phillip L. Davidson, said the school board had been unresponsive. "The school board has not cooperated with us at all in trying to investigate this matter."

A spokeswoman for the school board declined to comment.

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