Thursday, December 3, 2009

California Junior High Principal Apologizes For Not Warning Parents About Pro-Homosexual Program for 8th Graders

Afterall, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission...

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The principal and a teacher at Goleta Valley Junior High School in Santa Barbara County, California are apologizing to parents for not following school district policy relating to a pro-homosexual workshop given to 8th grade students in a leadership class at the school.

The controversial workshop was presented by “Just Communities Central Coast” in three, 45-minute sessions over three days. It included handouts defining homosexual terminology, including queer and transgender, and listed “heterosexism” as “oppression that ‘pushes down’ people who are LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and questioning) and ‘pushes up’ people who are straight.”

The handout defines sexual orientation this way: “Refers to who we feel romantically and sexually attracted to and who we fall in love with.”

One page featuring cartoon-like figures and entitled “Gender & Sexuality Definitions: A Visual Map,” depicts a person's body with the heart area labeled as “sexual orientation” and the genital area labeled as “sex.”

A page entitled “Heterosexism” asks students to answer a three-part question: “How are LGBTQ people discriminated against or mistreated in the United States, in your local community and in your school?”

You can't tell me that this was accidentally overlooked by the school. This was intentionally covered up. First, it seems that the principal looks for a "loop hole" as to why it was not presented to parents as an "opt out" opportunity.

Cleary told Rogers. “She said because [the workshop] falls under a health heading, they don’t need to do an ‘opt out.’ But if it had gone under a sex education heading, they could have an ‘opt out.’

I say bull. What does their sex education normally fall under if it's not a health heading?

You can expect more of this in the future and you can expect it at your schools if something is not done about it now.

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