Friday, November 20, 2009

Schools let students seek secret abortions

Posted at World Net Daily: Schools let students seek secret abortions.

The reason that this can happen is because there have been occasions where it has happened and schools are making sure that they are covered for it. How often does this go on? The state is taking measures to gain the confidence and control of your children by acting as their friend to try and protect them from you, regardless of whether or not protection is warranted. In most cases, it means protecting the child from a parent who disagrees with the immoral decision to kill a baby.

So, if the state school, in conjuction with your minor child, think that its OK to kill an unborn baby, and you happen to disagree, they'll go ahead and do it without you. Hey, it's legal isn't it? It's right there in black-and-white. If it's legal, it must be OK and if you disagree, you must be wrong. If you're unwilling to change your position, you must also be unreasonable and close-minded.

I can hardly think of a more troubling situation than to have a school or clinic give me a call to inform me that there has been a problem in the course of administering a routine abortion to my 13-year-old daughter and I need to come down right away.

God, help any parent who gets a call like that.

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