Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Social Worker: “All Homeschoolers Get Psychological Evaluations”

Here is a story that was posted on the HSLDA website yesterday. In this poor family's story, a social worker shows up at the door of a homeschool family with demands to enter the home and question the children. The social worker first refuses to disclose the reason for her visit, and then, only after talking with a lawyer with HSLDA, does she then inform the family that an alligation was made 8 months ago regarding one of their children. Now, 8 months after the alligation, this social worker acts like it some kind of emergency that the children be removed from the home and says that all homeschooled children under investigation be subjected to a psycho-social assessment. I think I know who needs the "psycho-social" assessment. This action was a blatant violation of this family's rights, and both the social worker and the police that she involved seemed to be surprised by all of this.

As a public service announcement, I'd like to refer all of my homeschool readers to a nice resource from HSLDA called "The Social Worker At Your Door: 10 Helpful Hints". If you can't open the link, and you're a homeschooler, perhaps you need to seriously consider joining the HSLDA. It may well be the best money you ever spend.

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