Friday, November 21, 2008

Public school teachers wild on social networks

Posted on World Net Daily:Public school teachers wild on social networks
As part of a disturbing new trend, America's public-school teachers are increasingly posting questionable and even sexually explicit information on video-sharing websites and social networks frequented by youth.

According to several nationwide reports, students often search for their teachers on MySpace and Facebook, and some find more information about their instructors than they ever expected.

The National Education Association listed a number of cases, while news outlets have been consistently reporting similar incidents, including the following:
Virginia – Monacan High School art teacher Stephen Murmer posted pictures of what he called "butt art" on YouTube in January 2007. He painted his buttocks and genitals and pressed them onto canvas. Many students saw his painting before the school fired him. He then contacted the ACLU and sued the district, saying it violated his First Amendment rights. Murmer reached a $65,000 settlement with the district.

A kindergarten teacher from Prince William County, Va., posted a video of a half-nude man having an orgasm in the shower, the Washington Post reported. Another Prince William County substitute teacher used MySpace to post photos of a woman lifting her dress, showing lingerie and flashing breasts.

One of the biggest things that conviced my wife and me that homeschooling was the right choice for us was what we saw when we became involved in our children's education.

My wife missed our sons when they were sent to school every day. My oldest was in 2nd grade and my next oldest was in Kindergarten. Both are boys, and we also had a 2-year old girl at the time. My wife started volunteering at the school to help the teachers in K and 2nd, and also served as a detention aid and playground monitor. The children's behavior was enought raise serious concerns about what these kids knew, how they knew it, and how they acted it out on the playground. Even more concerning was how the teachers acted when we attended their annual staff Christmas party. It was a "White Elephant" party with plenty of gag gifts that would have made a prostitute blush.

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