Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Officials review actions of school nurse in Wilder, ID

Posted at the Idaho Statesman.

Officials with the Wilder School District in southwest Idaho say they are looking at the district's policies regarding birth control.
The policies are being scrutinized after Lisa Fernandez complained her 15-year-old daughter was given a pelvic exam and a shot of the birth control Depo Provera without the parent's knowledge.

Superintendent Daniel Ariola says that in the last two months an unidentified nurse has taken at least four female students to the Southwest District Health Department where they received contraceptives.

Ariola says Wilder is facing an epidemic of teen pregnancies, and that three years ago 18 students reported they were pregnant.

He says that caused the district to start teaching children to be more responsible, and to provide services to sexually active teens who are too scared to go talk to their parents.

Children are only scared to talk to their parents, because they're usually scared that their parents won't approve. It has become about giving children what they want rather than what they need. This nurse has gone WAY over the bounds.

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