Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Digital Age Adds New Dimension to Incidents of Staff-Student Sex

Excerpted from Education Week.

Abusers can use the Internet, e-mail, or text messaging, for example, to constantly pursue students, in and out of school. In some extreme cases, they may use the Web in a way that magnifies the abuse exponentially, as a 6th grade teacher in Vermont did recently when he was charged with using his students as models for his homemade child pornography.

At the same time, the electronic trail left by such communications can present evidence for authorities investigating allegations of educator misconduct. For some officials, that trail has become an invaluable tool in rooting out bad actors even when they don’t have a cooperating victim.

If your child has access to the Internet and/or a personal cell phone, you must monitor their communications. It is not an invasion of privacy, it is a parent protecting a child in love. A child who protests a parent's involvement, can simply do without.

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