Monday, November 5, 2007

Conservatives to Calif. parents: Leave K-12 public schools

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A California pro-family leader and his organization are making the blunt pronouncement that because of two new laws signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger last month, it's time for parents and their children in the Golden State to exit the public school system.

"It's time to exit the public schools because your children will be sexually indoctrinated if you leave them there," warns Randy Thomasson of Campaign for Children and Families (CCF). The pro-family leader says that that indoctrination will include kindergarten-age children because of the new laws scheduled to go into effect at the beginning of January 2008. SB 777 requires all school instruction and activities to include positive promotion of homosexuality and cross-genders; and AB 394 enforces the positive attitudes through anti-harassment training for students, teachers, and parents.

Karen England, executive director of pro-family lobby Capitol Resource Institute, agrees that it might be time to go, despite her group's current last-minute efforts to gather petition signatures for placing the matter on a state ballot referendum. "Yes," she admits. "I would be very frightened if my kids were in public school in California after the passage of SB 777."

Thomasson warns parents must sacrifice to protect their children from the schools, and that private and home schools will be their only sanctuary -- so they must believe they can overcome obstacles to do either one.

"If you love your children, and [if] you have a will -- and God gave everybody a strong will -- you can home school ... and you can learn along the way," he counsels. "There are books and curriculum to help you. And you can afford private school if you sacrifice other 'wants' and replace the 'wants' with 'needs,' and [if] you financially adjust." CCF is assisting parents from its website with links to information on how to find funds to pay for private schools or home-schooling material.

According to Thomasson, there is no "opt-out" for families or school districts to any of the homosexual "anti-harassment" laws that will go into effect in all public K-12 schools next year.

What will it take before you realize that you may be losing your child if you send them to public school? Its one thing to say your going to fight the system. However, its another thing to leave your child in harm's way while you do.


Anonymous said...

Between now and the time a referendum comes up for vote, what are parents to do?

This will heat up and already is, such as these parents Christmas caroling last week, while wearing "No Gay Schools" t-shirts in Sacramento to protest SB 777.

See here.

Sopater said...

I would suggest that parents begin the process of removing their children from the public school. There is no guarantee that the referendum will pass, and the school system needs to know that parents are serious. I would remove my child from public school and enroll them in private school or begin homeschooling. If the referendum passes, then carefully consider sending the child back, but be sure that there is more of this to come.

Removing your child from school may sound like a drastic measure, but these are drastic times and the alternative is ultimately destructive.

Homeschool laws in California are still not too bad. See HSLDA