Monday, October 15, 2007

The Media Assault on Abstinence Education

Article posted at the Culture and Media Institute

The Left does not like abstinence education. And what the Left doesn’t like, the media don’t like either.

That’s why, despite ample evidence that abstaining from sex until marriage is one of the most responsible decisions a teenager or young adult can make, the media go out of their way to discredit abstinence programs. Over the past 11 months the media have attacked abstinence education repeatedly. “News” stories have concentrated on questionable information about the supposed failures of abstinence education programs while ignoring reliable data that support the programs.

The entertainment media have long promoted casual sex. A recent study by the Parents Television Council1 showed sexual content on broadcast prime time television increased 22 percent in the last six years. The ante was upped just recently. On September 30, CBS’s Cold Case featured Bible quoting teens in an abstinence club who turn out to be sexually active hypocrites. The club members try to keep their sins secret by stoning a girl to death. The episode also strongly suggests that abstinence-only education keeps kids ignorant about sexual issues, and committing to abstinence can even harm them. For example, the group’s leader later marries, but is unable to consummate her union.

If someone knows of media reports that actually support abstinence-only education, please let me know.

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