Thursday, September 6, 2007

Teens Protest Planned Parenthood Clinic

Posted at CitizenLink.

News like this is encouraging. It shows that the next generation is not completely lost, despite the efforts of the enemy. Children want the truth. They want to know what really matters and why. They want to hear it from their parents, and they want their parents to be committed to what they believe and practice what they preach. Children are willing to forgive the sins of the past that parents may have made when they were younger, and they want their parents to share what they have learned from their past mistakes so that they can be better equipped to deal with them should they face the same issues.

Hundreds of teens spent their Labor Day weekend rallying at the site of a new Planned Parenthood clinic in Aurora, Ill. They’re the next generation in the pro-life movement, and their enthusiasm is spreading like wildfire.

The teens dub their movement Youth for Truth, because they believe their generation needs to know what’s really going on behind Planned Parenthood doors. On Saturday, an estimated 700 kids turned out at the site of the abortion provider's largest clinic to talk about those dangers.

“We’re the target of Planned Parenthood, and as the targets we have to show that we don’t want their destructive presence," participant Mary Kate Guest told Family News in Focus.

Teens picketed on the sidewalk outside the building, listened to a Christian band and heard about the sanctity of human life. State Sen. Chris Lauzen, a pro-life Republican who joined the teenagers, said he was glad to see them taking charge.

“I was a cheerleader on Saturday," he said. "It was wonderful to listen to the speeches that these kids were giving to their peers about the importance of life and respect for life. It is so reassuring that good parents still raise good children.”

Eric Scheidler with the Pro-Life Action League said the teens’ activities reminded the City Council to listen to the public’s concerns.

“The energy that was generated this weekend is going to spill out," he said. "We’ve got an army of Christian soldiers who are going to be in all those schools to resist Planned Parenthood.”

The kids are already planning other events focused on reclaiming their generation.


Anonymous said...

It's always better to have unplanned pregnancies. Right!

Sopater said...

I'm only aware of one case where abstinence resulted in a pregnancy. Are you trying to imply that an unplanned pregnancy is worse than the death of an innocent child?