Thursday, September 13, 2007

Governor Gregoire Sends Recommendations to Sex Offender Task Force to Improve Safety of Washington Families

Posted at WA Governor Chris Gregoire's website.

Governor Chris Gregoire sent the Sex Offender Task Force recommendations to ensure the safety of Washington families.

“My number one priority is the safety of our families in Washington and I know this value is shared by the Task Force,” said Governor Gregoire in her letter to Task Force Chair Russ Hauge.

Governor Gregoire on August 1 asked Kitsap County Prosecutor Hauge to chair a sex offender task force to review the Terapon Adhahn case. The task force has released their preliminary case review.

Governor Gregoire’s recommendations include:

  • Ensure that we have on file DNA of every sex offender
  • Knowing where sex offenders live is absolutely necessary
  • More support for local law enforcement in monitoring registered sex offenders
  • Increased electronic monitoring of sex offenders

It's really easy if you keep them all in one room and lock the door. Problem solved.

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