Monday, August 27, 2007

Christian group loses suit against Kentridge

Posted at the Seattle P-I.

Kentridge High School was within its rights to refuse a Christian group the same privileges as other student organizations at the school, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled.

The case, initially filed in 2001, was brought against the Kent School District by parents of Sarice Undis, then a junior at Kentridge, and Julianne Stewart, a sophomore.

It was filed after the school refused to charter their Truth Bible Club, preventing them from certain fundraising, yearbook and advertising rights, though the group was allowed to meet on campus.

By restricting voting membership only to students who had professed a "belief in the Bible and in Jesus Christ," Truth Bible Club was violating the school district's non-discrimination policy, Kentridge officials said.

Who else would even want to join a "Truth Bible Club" besides those who had professed a "belief in the Bible and in Jesus Christ"? OK, don't answer that.

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