Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Americans Are Most Worried about...

What are Americans worried about the most? According to a new Barna report, Americans Are Most Worried about Children’s Future.

With the 2008 presidential election campaign well underway, a new survey suggests that the biggest issue of them all may well be one that leaders do not seem to be focused upon: the well-being of America’s children. When asked to indicate which of eleven changes were "absolutely necessary" for the U.S. to address within the next ten years, the issues that emerged as the frontrunners were "the overall care and resources devoted to children" and "the quality of a public school education." Each of those challenges was listed as changes that were absolutely necessary within the coming decade by 82% of the adult population.

If there is one thing that I believe about politicians, its that they will try to focus efforts on the issues that they believe are most important to those who get them elected. However, that doesn't mean that they will do anything about them besides talk.

If it's our children that we are most concerned about, then that is where we should be focusing our efforts. We need to stop handing the care of our children over to daycare centers, schools, and churches and start taking responsibility for them ourselves.

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