Friday, July 6, 2007

X-rated 'goodie bag' enrages preteen's mom

Posted at the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.

Who does your pre-teen girl idolize these days? What are they listening to on their i-pod? Are they starting to ask to be able to go to a concert with their friends yet? Be careful if you think that concerts that are aimed at children and pre-teens are necessarily "safe" for your children, or even your teenagers to go to. Here is an account of what happened at a recent concert that featured Akon, Rihanna and Hilary Duff that was intended to be a family celebration for a little girl's 8th grade graduation.

A Burbank mother expressed her outrage after Toyota Park concert sponsors handed her disabled 12-year-old daughter a goodie bag including condoms and a sex-toy catalog.


"The dancers were handing out CDs, so I went to the front to get one for Heather," she said.

"Heather has a disability similar to Tourette's, which makes her nervous in crowds and clench her fists when she's excited, so she couldn't ask herself.

"But when I told the dancer she was disabled, he wouldn't give me one.

"I asked again, and he handed Heather a pink bag -- when I saw what was inside, I was shocked."

Inside the bag, put together by Lisle-based nightclub promotions company Mixmaster Throwdown, were two condoms, a catalog for the adult store Lovers Lane, an explicit CD titled "Vigina," "Bearly Legal" suntan lotion sachets printed with marijuana leaves and a book of gag "sex coupons" entitling the bearer to direct sex videos and other sexual favors.

"I am disgusted they would promote sex and drugs to a 12-year-old," Richard said.

"About 90 percent of the people at the concert were teens and pre-teens. This was completely inappropriate."

If you read the rest of the article, you find the typical responses full of excuses and claims of a "mix-up", but of course, no apologies. No admission that any harm had been done. This young girl wasn't the only one to receive one of these goodie bags, and I'd imagine that a great deal of the parents of the children who did, don't even know it.

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