Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Teachers’ Union Dues Support Gay Groups

Posted at the The Chalcedon Foundation - Faith for All of Life

America’s biggest and most powerful teachers’ union promotes homosexuality and financially supports homosexual activist groups.

The National Education Association (NEA)—with 3.2 million members, 50 state associations, and more than 14,000 local affiliates—dominates public education in America. The source of its strength is membership dues, which last year totaled over $298 million.

The teachers’ union in 2006 spent more than $26 million on political activities and lobbying, and paid out almost $74 million in “contributions, gifts, and grants,” many of those to far-left political organizations, including well-known gay militant groups.

Many Christians teach in public schools and pay union dues that help fund activities inimical to the mission of the church. Millions more Christians send their children to NEA-staffed schools and support those schools with their taxes.

It’s time Christian teachers and parents knew what they’re getting for their money.

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