Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tacoma principal convicted of rape

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The principal of a Tacoma Middle School has been found guilty of raping a former student.

A jury convicted Baker Middle School principal Harold Wright, Junior of third degree rape for an incident back in 2004. The jury also found co-defendant Richy Carter guilty of third degree rape.

Prosecutors said Carter was one of the men who held down the 19-year-old woman and took turns violating her. After that, prosecutors say Wright then came in and fondled the woman.

He should also have been charged with being an accomplice to a felony. Very poor judgement on the part of this middle school principal. If he normally ran in circles with this Carter character, there is probably some unreported history that goes along with Wright's past as well. I'm glad that he was brought to justice, but he'll be out in less than a year and has already been found to be a dangerous man. He will always have to register as a convicted sex offender and should never be allowed back into the school system.

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