Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lindenhurst mom calls son's schooling deficient -

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A Lindenhurst mother is charging that her 11-year-old son was deprived of adequate reading instruction by their school district, a claim based largely on inflated results from a fourth-grade test that the state has since determined was improperly administered.

Deborah Birsner, who has announced plans to sue the Lindenhurst district, said she was initially relieved two years ago when results from a state-required English language arts test indicated that her son, Corey, was reading on grade level. Six months later, Birsner said she was shocked when other tests showed her son could barely comprehend his assigned readings at all.


"They were giving him A's and B's in reading, and saying he was doing fine, and as a parent, I wanted to believe that," said Birsner, a former Nassau BOCES administrator. Later, she concluded Lindenhurst school personnel were "making things up."

The pressure that is put on schools to improve overall test results, coupled with questionable ethics among educators and administrators is costing the children as well as the taxpayers an immeasurable amount of money.

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