Friday, June 22, 2007

Feds Aim New Sex Ed. Campaign at Parents

Posted at Education Week.

Federal officials on Thursday announced a campaign to urge parents to talk to their children about waiting until marriage to have sex.

The Department of Health and Human Services introduced the Parents Speak Up National Campaign at an event in Kansas City.

"During my time as a pediatrician and a public health official, I've learned that parents often need additional tools when dealing with tough issues facing their children," said Dr. John Agwunobi, assistant secretary for health. "There are few issues tougher or more important to discuss than sex."

Looks like a pretty good message coming from the government. It urges parents to talk to their kids about waiting until marriage which is exactly the right message. We also need to warn our children of the consequences of not waiting, and of the fallibility of contraceptive methods that are often promoted as a healthy alternative to abstaining.

The program, Parents Speak Up National Campaign, has the video of the PSA on their website.

You can download the transcript for the video here.

They are absolutely right. You must talk to your kids, because, believe me, other people are.

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