Friday, June 29, 2007

Can Homeschoolers Get Into the Colleges of Their Choice?

Excerpted from LifeWay: Biblical Solutions for Life.

Homeschooled students are going to college and getting scholarship aid.

My husband recently delivered the commencement address for the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools. The class of 2007 had 133 graduates, 80 of whom participated in graduation. The following are the statistics from this one class. I would guess that this is fairly representative of homeschool graduates around the country.

  • 84% are going to college. The rest are going into the military or the work force.
  • Nine were name Palmetto Fellows as of the December deadline; others will potentially qualify by the June 15 deadline. (This is the most prestigious scholarship offered by the state of South Carolina.)
  • Two are National Merit Finalists.
  • Three are National Merit Commended Students.
  • 25 were given Life Scholarships by the state; this number will definitely go up after June 15.
  • Two Hope Scholarships were given by SC; this number will also increase.
  • Thirteen students were awarded Presidential Scholarships.
  • Three were given Trustee Scholarships.
  • Forty-one were given other academic scholarships.
  • Five received Dean Scholarships.
  • Five were given music scholarships.
  • Sixty-two other miscellaneous school specific scholarships were awarded to these graduates.
  • Thirty-six students were homeschooled K/1st – grade 12.

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