Thursday, May 10, 2007

Unholy Academy - Hostile Territory

Here's a story posted at National Review Online that discusses the opinion of university faculty at "non-evangelical" universities. Based on a two-year study conducted by the Institute for Jewish & Community Research where 1,269 faculty members at over 700 four-year colleges and universities were surveyed, 53% stated that they have an unfavorable view of evangelical Christians.

Fifty-three percent of “non-evangelical university faculty say they hold cool or unfavorable views of Evangelical Christians,” according to a two-year study released today by the Institute for Jewish & Community Research. According to the study, one-third of all faculty surveyed also admitted to holding unfavorable views of Mormons.

Seventy one percent of the faculty who answered an online survey of 1,269 faculty members at over 700 four-year colleges and universities agreed with the statement: “This country would be better off if Christian fundamentalists kept their religious beliefs out of politics.”

71% want Christians to keep out of politics! Even more shocking, only 38% of faculty disagreed that the country would be better off if Muslims became more politically organized. I supposed that figure is based on the amazing political success of Muslim-run countries that operate under "sharia law" such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

Is this a healthy environment for your children? You can safely say that a majority of college and university faculty have an unfavorable view of your faith and think that your religious beliefs are bad for this country. Christian children/adults entering into the secular university system will find themselves in the akward position of being among those found most unfavorable by the faculty; especially if they are politically motivated or interested and express conservative Christian values openly and honestly. This is a country that is great because it was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs.

Here is a related story from the Washington Post: Is There Disdain For Evangelicals In the Classroom?

"On many campuses, if you're an evangelical Christian, you're going to have to go through classes in which you're told that much of what you believe religiously is not just wrong, but worthy of mockery," said David French, a lawyer with the Alliance Defense Fund, which sued Missouri State on Brooker's behalf.

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