Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Ward Churchills of K-12 Curriculum

Excerpted from Education News.
The Ward Churchills of K-12 education are subverting public control over curriculum while leading future generations down the road of relativist, deconstructionist nonsense. And, these subversives are doing so with a wink or nudge from administrators, while their employers, the local school boards, argue over bus routes and lunch offerings.

Through their boards of education, residents of school districts approve the curriculum of their local public schools. This approved curriculum details the ends of the education process, defining what students are supposed to have learned upon completion of their studies.

As a local example in my area, read this article from the Everett Herald - Bible essay stirs trouble for teacher.

This is a very real concern that most parents are unaware of. If you believe that ideologues are not working diligently on your children every day, you need to wake up and smell the bio-diesel.

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