Friday, April 27, 2007

Teacher Forces Student to Urinate in Class

UPDATE 5/1/2007 - The NAACP is now involved with this case. It seems that the school has suspended the student for "relieving himself in the classroom, which caused a school disruption." The teacher is being transferred to another school. The NAACP is calling for the teacher to be fired. There appears to be a bit of a disagreement as to exactly what transpired between the teacher and the student, but with a classroom full of children present, the truth should be easy enough to sort out.

This just reported on Fox News - Fox Video - Teacher Forces Student to Urinate in Class
It seems the teacher instructed a 14-year-old student to urinate in a bottle in the classroom while telling the other students not to watch. She didn't want to let him use the restroom and threatened him with suspension if he left the room. I'm not sure what all transpired before the incident, nor do I know what kind of student this boy is, nor what kind of class this teacher has, but this is criminal on the part of the teacher.

UPDATE: Excerpted from MSNBC.
Patterson said when he asked to use the restroom the teacher humiliated him and forced him to urinate in his science class while 31 other students turned their heads.

"I had a Gatorade bottle and I thought he was joking with me and he said go in the corner by the sink," Patterson said.

Patterson didn't want to get suspended, face the principal or have to tell his mother he was in trouble, he said.

"I did it," Patterson said. "While I was doing it he yelled it stinks and he was laughing about it."

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