Thursday, April 5, 2007

Meridian (ID) teens plead not guilty to felony rape of classmate

Excerpted from the The Idaho Statesman.
Last month, a grand jury indicted Baeza and Whitney on charges of felony rape and forcible penetration with a foreign object. The charges carry a maximum penalty of life in prison.

Officials say the boys confessed to sexually assaulting a female classmate March 9, according to documents and statements at a court hearing in March.

Officials say at least six Meridian High School students gathered March 9 at Baeza's home, where they are accused of drinking alcohol and then assaulting the girl. Police say teens at the party photographed the attack with cell phones.

Both Baeza and Whitney are accused of sexually assaulting the girl while she was unconscious from drinking.

Something is wrong with a society that produces a monster who would do this to a child. Something is evil in a society that produces an environment where group of monsters can gather together and harm a child in this way without anyone with an ounce of human dignity being there to stop it.

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