Monday, April 23, 2007

Coming to a School Near You

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Note: Today’s commentary may not be suitable for young children. Please use parental discretion.

They are called “Personal Statements on Being Different.” One of them, from “Esperanza,” reads: “I’ve known for a long time that I am a lesbian.” As a little girl hearing fairy tales about a princess, Esperanza says she knew that, when she grew up, “I would marry the beautiful princess, not the prince.”

Another story involves “Portia,” a boy who grew up feeling like a girl. He changed his name and told his high school principal that he was a transgender. The understanding principal gave him an ID card with his new name on it. Now, “Portia” writes, “I speak about transgender concerns at school” and help other transgender youths get through “the challenges they face.”

These stories are part of the new Montgomery County, Maryland, health classes on homosexuality. They are an illustration of how gay activists are attempting to use public schools to spread pro-gay propaganda—and silence opposition.

These so-called “personal statements”—all supportive of homosexuality and other disorders—are just the beginning. Students are also told that homosexuality is “innate” and permanent—despite much evidence to the contrary. They are taught that the homosexual lifestyle is not only to be tolerated, but also celebrated. Students are told about “transgendered persons” and so-called sex-reassignment surgery. But they are not informed that reputable medical organizations regard transgendered persons as mentally ill and the operation useless.

Some of the lessons are downright dangerous. For example, kids are encouraged to identify their sexual orientation early. But doing so is linked to increased rates of suicide among adolescents, according to some psychologists.

Worst of all, there is no mention whatsoever of the many health hazards associated with the gay lifestyle. A Montgomery County parent group, called Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum, includes an infectious disease specialist, Dr. Ruth Jacobs. Dr. Jacobs put forward a petition signed by 270 doctors asking Montgomery County to warn kids of the health dangers related to homosexuality. Montgomery County ignored it.

This is what we end up with when we have a “health” curriculum developed, not by medical experts, but with the help of determined homosexual activists.

Sadly, these programs offer nothing to teens desperate for help in overcoming homosexual feelings. They don’t learn how successful reparative therapy is, and where they can find it. They are simply told to “celebrate” their homosexuality. Teens with same-sex desires are condemned to a life of confusion, misery, disease, and early death.

A majority of Americans believe that homosexual behavior is immoral, which is why activist gays are targeting our kids with their propaganda, hoping to change them.

We need to make sure that we have accurate, factual information to counteract what is being taught in the schools—and in films, and on television, and on college campuses. And we ought to share this with our kids and grandkids and offer classes at our churches. If you visit our “BreakPoint” website, you will find excellent resources, including books by Harvard psychologist Dr. Joseph Nicolosi.

We need to make sure our children hear some real-life “personal statements” about homosexuality: by those who overcame same-sex attraction, left the gay lifestyle, and entered a joyful—and healthy—new life.

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