Monday, March 26, 2007

Parents banned from school's homosexual seminar (

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Newton North High School in Newton recently hosted "ToBGLAD," an acronym for "Transgender Bisexual Gay and Lesbian Awareness Day." Brian Camenker of the group MassResistance says he was told by the school's principal that no parents were allowed to attend the all-day lectures and workshops facilitated by homosexual activists. (emphasis added)
Why not? Even parents that agree with this type of education are not allowed to attend?

"This is all taxpayer-funded, and this is what is happening across Massachusetts," he says. "I mean, I just happened to get involved [this time] because it's my own local high school. And it's starting to happen across the country. I think that people can't just sit and say ‘This is Massachusetts,' because it's happening in Chicago, it's happening in Los Angeles, it's happening in Florida, it's happening in St. Louis – we're hearing about it everywhere." (emphasis added)

The entire country should be outraged that government schools would host events for students that parents are not allowed to attend. Christian parents should be aware of the agenda that is pushed and celebrated in such events. No tax-paying citizen, regardless of whether they have children in schools or not, should allow this kind of behavior to go unchecked.

This is just the beginning, and parents are fooling themselves if they think that it's not either happening or about to happen in the public schools where your children attend.

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