Friday, March 23, 2007

Indoctrinate U

Speech codes. Censorship. Enforced political conformity. Hostility to diversity of opinion. Sensitivity training. We usually associate such things with the worst excesses of fascism and communism, not with the American universities that nurtured the free speech movement. But American higher education bears a disturbing resemblance to the totalitarian societies that are anathema to our nation’s ideal of liberty. Evan Coyne Maloney’s documentary film, Indoctrinate U, reveals the breathtaking institutional intolerance you won't read about in the glossy marketing brochures of Harvard, Berkeley, Michigan, Yale, and hundreds of other American colleges and universities.

The code words are "diversity" and "tolerance", however dissention and diversity from postmodern "political correctness" and the belief that there is no absolute truth is not tolerated. If this movement is left unchecked, fundamental Christian faith, the religious system that this country and the entire free-world were founded on, will ultimately become criminal.

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